How to choose a right power bank?

It really depends on the usage and your current phone specs. If you want just a backup power bank for emergency and have a phone which has a smaller battery capacity ( less than 2000 mAH battery) then our 2200 mAH Power bank should be suffice.
However if you plan to use it frequently or have a iphone or Samsung galaxy with over 2000 mAH battery then we suggest you go for higher than 4000 mAH Power Banks.
Since the incremental difference is not too high for frequent users we suggest the EViO 5600 mAH Power Bank which is the best value for money product.

What devices can EViO power bank support charging to?

All EViO power banks are universal which means it can support charging to most of the mobile and Smartphone devices, either with the included connector and cables or with the original cable of your device. Every product has complete description of the mobiles it can charger. Generally all smart phones with USB tip can be charged and we have some models which can charge the old Nokia tips too.

How to re-charge EViO Power banks?

Every EViO Power Bank comes with a USB re-charging cable, simply connect the provided cable to any powered USB equipment (AC outlet, or laptop), you can start charging. Do remember that the re-charging speed might be affected by the power source, thus affecting the re-charging time. Each product has an indicator which will display the charging status
Also, EViO products are designed with protective circuit for over-voltage or over-current during re-charging, having said that, you can also use the AC charger of your devices to charge EViO products. However for the sake of safety and efficiency, it’s only recommended to use the AC charger of a branded devices like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, etc…Please be reminded that EViO will not provide warranty to a product damage caused by using a non-branded AC charger.

How can I tell when EViO external battery is fully charged?

Most of EViO products are designed with re-charging status indicators, normally, you can tell by colors (please refer to the user manual inside the packaging. In general, when all the indicators are in blue color and are always on or stop blinking, it means fully re-charged.
A small tip for best re-charging, always keep re-charging the external batteries for another 30-60 minutes when the indicators show it’s fully re-charged.

What kind of simply testing I can conduct when I encounter a problem with EViO products?

EViO products are well inspected before shipment, but sometimes a problem may occur during the actual use. In order to solve the problem quicker, you can conduct some simple tests to indentify the issue and ask for replacement or repair soonest.
For example, you are using a EViO 2200mAh Power bank to charge you iPhone 4S, when the cable is connected, the charging signal doesn’t show on the iPhone screen. Normally, you just need to make sure that the EViO 2200mAh Power bank is with battery (not drained yet). If yes, the issue will most likely be with the cable. You can change to use other cable/connector to charge a second devices, if it supports charging, then the issue is confirmed with the cable, you can ask for a replacement if it’s still within the warranty period. If it still can’t charge the other devices, then the issue might be with the power tube itself. You should contact your customer service.

Can I order the cable or connector separately in case of loss?

Yes, currently the individually packed EViO connectors/cables are available, you can contact your local distributor for information as to where to buy such cable/connector.

Why can’t I use the claimed capacity to be directly divided by the battery capacity of my device to calculate how
      much a EViO product can charge a device?

The claimed capacity of an external battery is the nominal capacity of a lithium battery, which is 3.7V. It’s measured by a dis-charging current of 0.2C (means 20% of the battery capacity) from 4.2V to 0V. In reality, the battery will not be drained to 0V, normally it’s protected at around 3.3V to avoid over-drain which will damage the battery cell. That goes some loss of capacity. What’s more, a battery cell is only 3.7V and in order to charge a cell phone or portable device, the voltage has to be raised up to 5V. During this process, there will be some capacity loss as well!

Can the mobile power placed in the sun?

It is not advised to expose the mobile power to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to heat can reduce its performance.

What is the lifespan of my mobile power?

It can take up to 500 deep charge/discharge cycles, after which its battery capacity will drop gradually.

Can I use my device when it is being charged by the mobile power?

Yes, you can use your device while charging, but the run time of the mobile power will be altered because you are consuming the battery power while using the device.

Does the USB charging cable support data transmission?

The USB charging cable of EViO mobile power is specially designed for your digital device, so it does not transmit data.

Among EViO products, is there one capable of charging my laptop as well as my mobile phone?

Yes, we have a specific laptop charger in our product range.

At EViO, we make tech gear which help improve productivity so that you have more time to do the essential things - living life to the fullest .

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